Evaluation and Activity plans completed during the project considered sustainability and a ‘legacy’ of work produced, to continue past the project end. From the project work and close links with other teams, both within the university and within the City, provision has been made to allow content and resources to continue to be shared more widely, wherever possible and appropriate.

University of Lincoln Student Life

The student-created content developed as part of the project will continue to be utilised on an ongoing basis, to support student transition on the Student Life website, app and social media channels, as well as, increasingly, on the main University website and social media channels:

University of Lincoln Education Liaison Team

The UoL Education Liaison team has provided vital support to the project throughout its duration, connecting the project team with many more schools and colleges. Where appropriate within their work, the team will utilise project content and resources, particularly presentations and use these wherever possible, within the schools and colleges outreach sessions they undertake.


The project worked closely throughout its lifespan with LiNCHigher, a local Uni Connect consortia partnership of education providers and organisations supporting young people in schools, colleges and community groups across Lincolnshire. To support the project and continue its legacy, again where appropriate, LiNCHigher Officers will utilise project resources, such as presentations and workshops, within their outreach work with schools and colleges in the local area.

Alongside availability of resources on the dedicated project website, resources will also be available post project on LiNCHigher’s ‘Future Focus’ website, a hub which brings together ‘all aspects of careers, education and training for young people, parents/carers, adults and teaching professionals.’ Resources hosted on the ‘Future Focus’ website are detailed:

The LiNCHigher team also collaborated with the Transitional Wellbeing Team in producing 3 videos, part of a series of 30 undertaken with other institutions and support team’s county wide, to be hosted and shared on their Future Focus website:

LiNCHigher also provide Lincolnshire students an account with ‘LiNCHigher Learning’, a free online learning programme which currently has 45,000 student accounts. Information and resources are all provided via that website, that students and students can utilise and view in their own time or be directed towards relevant resources as appropriate or needed by their teachers and academics.

Project activities

Project activities that will remain within UoL post project include:

  • The WOW summer school will continue to be overseen by the Student Wellbeing Team.
  • ‘Fresh Start’ sessions will continue to be provided by Student Wellbeing staff, to follow the same format and offered to students at the same times of year.
  • The ‘Fresher Take’ podcast initiative is hoped to remain within the Digital Student Experience team due to its popularity.
  • The ‘Student Life’ app will continue to be monitored by the Digital Student Experience Team, to consider the provision of this resource in supporting student transitions and update or amend the app provision as necessary.
  • Student content creation will remain within the Digital Student Experience team as a valuable and much needed resource for both student content creators and the wider student community who engage with the content.
  • The Senior Tutor Newsletter initiative will continue to be explored as an ongoing provision from the Digital Student Experience team.