Digital Student Experience

Student videos 

The Digital Student Experience team of Student Digital Content Creators produce a range of vlogs and informational videos and did so as part of the project. The Student Digital Content Creators created all aspects of videos themselves, from briefing to filming to editing, based on their own experiences and advice for their peers. Check out the YouTube channel.

Student Articles 

Student Digital Content Creators also take on roles writing articles, in the form of listicles, reports, coverage of events or any other form of writing. The Student Digital Content Creators pitch the topics they wish to cover themselves, before writing them and having them edited by the team of Student Life Editors.  These can be found on the Student Life website.

Fresher Take Podcast 

Fresher Take was born out of the OfS Transitional Project and is promoted through Student Life’s social media channels. The hosts discuss different topics each episode with a variety of guests, from budgeting to deadlines and time management to homesickness.  Check out all of the episodes on the Buzzsprout page.

Social Media Content 

Alongside promoting the article, video and podcast content on social media, the Student Life Editors also work to create lots of content which is native for social media, specifically TikTok and Instagram. The styles of these can vary but they are often graphics, illustrations or trending video styles. Search for us on social media using the handle @UOLStudentLife.